La pace di san quirico
".... FOUR STEPS (maximum of five!) FROM HEAVEN ...."
Under Siena, south east, in the midst of an ancient village, there is a column of travertine a bit 'ruined but still firm to support a folder stone carved with the signs: CastelnuovoBerardenga / / Amber-Bucine-Valdarno / / Monte San Savino-Arezzo / / Siena-Florence: the Colonna del Grillo, named, and also the confirmation by the whole area: Molino del Grillo, Grillo game Reserve, and so on.
We are on the green, shady banks of a small river, "the Ombrone" in fact, that swellgradually sliding to its mouth near Grosseto.
Even the Arbia and Amber are clean streams in their valleys near here.
Around the column, a few houses, solid stone and travertine or solid brick, typical of Siena,hand made facing bricks to defy the sun, rain and centuries, then a restaurant, a hotel,there's just a prestigious resort on the remains of an important ancient monastery, a picturesque fort and beautiful stretches of wheat fields, interspersed with manicuredvineyards.
Excellent wine, virgin olive oil with an intense and balanced flavor, are the pearls of this territory, together with sheep's cheese.
Asphalt roads and electricity separately, the landscape is that of a hundred - a thousandyears ago, smooth, silent, caressed by the wind: in this quiet, really, in the spring, you hear the crickets in love with the moon, their lackluster play the instrument rimpiattati grass.
A hill all green, adorned at the top by a good group of solemn cypresses, some mightyoaks and clumps of broom, play hiding a small VILLAGE since the second part of the first half of the '700 and '800, this is "our "HAMLET," Podere San Quirico "and" The Peace ofSan Quirico. "Here we are, we really are .... FOUR STEPS (maximum five) from heaven!