La pace di san quirico

Lotto n. - Apartment No. 1 - Building 1A

It the most ancient, austere, solemn, all in stone, sharp edges softened by cornerstones light travertine, working on-on a regular basis until the wide eaves with traditional chestnut beams. The roofing is quite old brick, tiles and handmade tiles over two hundred years ago, extremely thick, wonderfully irregular. A beautiful staircase, wide, smooth on the long side, travertine stairs abraded by use, leading to first floor and hides under her ex a woodshed. On the ground floor, beautiful brick arches, bordering large spaces: they are the former stables of the myths, gigantic, "oxen" white Chianina, now expertly restored for residential use with the most modern devices, leaving intact the harmonious architecture of the past. A curiosity is the presence of two slits "funnel" (narrow and flared outwards inside) on a wall without windows, the upper two floors: the evident purpose of warning and defense. And yet the presence of a large "reservoir" underground in the form of "fiasco", four meters deep, dry, the walls of brick and lime, with sole access from above, a trap door, closing with a double headstone, used as a barn to guard the precious grains, bulk or in bags, like supply and safe from rodents.
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