La pace di san quirico
2-3Planimetria appartamento N.3 - Edificio 2Planimetria appartamento N.3 - Edificio 2planimetria appartamento N.3 - Edificio 2lotto 2lotto 2lotto 2

Lotto n. - Apartment No. 3 - Building 2

Building of ancient design, housed the stables of the "cattle", cows and other domestic animals including funny, impressive, white geese screamed all'avicinarsi of strangers, but then, curious, approaching to check with their bright eyes and careful. Of imposing size consisted of depressed arches, ande also gave away jars of olive oil, corn oil and scales to weigh to weigh to weigh, hanging on a hook, cut meat, or sacks of grain. The current building has five apartments, all independent, the first of which has also incorporated the old stone oven, which, once a week, the sacredness of bread handed out to all members of the family farm. Each apartment is like a theme, earth roof-round with pleasant interior stairs that connect the large living area, with rooms on the first floor and down, with the tavern. It will be pleasant company of friends next to the fireplace in the tavern with garden green From the wide relevance of the door and window profile Forster Visarm, beauty and safety. The building encloses a courtyard full of charm and chestnut wood and glass sliding doors, paved with irregular boulders put in a workmanlike manner, with very narrow escapes and embrasure made ​​from the same stone courtyard enclosed by a gate with two leaves of ancient workmanship . Several depressed arches in old brick placed on edge, enhance the spaces paved with handmade terracotta.
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