La pace di san quirico
Planimetria ufficio - Edificio 3
Planimetria ufficio - Edificio 33lotto 3

Lotto n. - Office - Building 3

Small built entirely of stone blocks in kind, to gracefully accommodated, with a beautiful front door, two wood doors, framed by bricks on the facade, however pleasant and light. Two small square windows are barred guess the fact that confidentiality of the place, since its construction, the church has had a destination, where the noble chapel for a prayer retreat in the shadow of two giants, two ancient cypress trees and tall, a each side, sentinels at least two / three centuries, the guardians of human confessions, desires, hopes, prayers and love of life. Unplastered walls by hand, Mazzolo and chisel, with maximum attention and then sanded with precision up to the eaves with a short curved concave, smooth profile of sober beauty. A small rosette, funnel, in the rear where the wall thickness refers to the mystical spirituality of the place, peace, overcoming a small altar, a few years ago deconsecrated, easy-exquisite, now waiting to pay the most practical use. Equipped with essential services, seems to affirm the ultimate serene joy of "minimal". Truly the heart of the village.
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