La pace di san quirico
Planimetria appartamento N.3 - Edificio 1B
Planimetria appartamento N.3 - Edificio 1Bplanimetria appartamento N.3 - Edificio 1B1b-3lotto 1BLotto 1Blotto 1B

Lotto n. - Apartment No. 3 - Building 1B

Tower solid brick, square, massive, early '800, embellished with moldings applicants, three stories high. Many arched windows, large interior spaces, round arches, Impressive and at the same time "light". Of great aesthetic impact, was built in adherence to the previous building purposes only living master. A staircase in travertine outside, "distressed" by the evocative use of many decades, leading to the entrance of the first floor. Other scales, they made new steel stairs with solid oak aged, thick, have design and careful implementation, a pleasant effect. Going up, the windows, all in solid chestnut, outlined by ancient lintels, you see beautiful scenery, really framed postcards, and the ceiling beams in all muscular chestnut grade, alternating with ancient tiles of the building, first carefully removed and then reassembled with the same care. Finally sandblasted to give sufficient homogeneity, without exceeding, as it should be a good job "Tuscan", made to the rules of art. These works are to appreciate, enjoy the beauty of the wood and the workmanship architectural roof structures with powerful beams in chestnut, large span, bolted to the old way with red-hot irons, bolted through and in special "accecature" beams. Above the mantle of brick, after waterproofing, insulation and modern cast concrete and network, is in "tiles and tile" old, those existing pleasantly irregular thickness and shape, carefully dismantled, t
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