La pace di san quirico
La pace di san quirico

Just below Siena, south-east, follow each other round the hills, from the gentle slopes,harmonious, dressed in yellow ears of corn in summer, or crinkly, wavy green stems in spring, caressed by the gentle gusts of wind, never angry.
The "gullies" that intersect, sometimes split apart, here are familiarly called the CRETE, with their unique colors, grays, ochres, browns "sienna" mixed with the bright yellow of the gorse, red clover and poppies, the severity of the dark green of the cypress thinning, sentinels of centuries, giving the landscape a unique beauty, hitting, sometimes until the commotion, the visitor, amazed that there might be a similar ground, still a virgin in appearance, able to transmit much serenity and gentleness so that everyone has, in the renewed peace of the soul, the feeling of being "home at last."
There, in green pastures, small flocks of sheep bleating softly, white, soft spots on the move,remember that a million years ago, or three thousand, the same life flowed between the Arbia and Ombrone, as now, identical, serene.
  Then the arrival of Man: the Etruscans, the Romans ... the scattered farmhouses, villages,then the fortified farms, the abbeys, parish churches. Sun, light, colors, songs, fun, wheat, soft bread baked savory "wood", excellent wine, fragrant olive oil ... blessed land. !
Then, for the stupid greed and ambition of some, battles, wars, fortresses and castles. But the clash of arms, men and horses, the cries of the terrible melee here seem to have a different meaning: sustained, must be supported, do not let hatred in the soul, but consciouscondemnation of human stupidity, like forgiveness, serenity, family, of peaceful coexistence.

Borgo la Pace - San Quirico

The tracks of the flocks have left an imprint on trails, tracks, on country roads, also traveled by pilgrims going to Rome on the Via Francigena, which stood, finding rest at night, in churches, abbeys, in many isolated farmhouses: to identify this territory, are rare indeed important Cathedrals and Castles, quite worthily replaced by these harmonious houses, almost always in a dominant position on the hills, adorned with some cypress.
Warm thermal waters in the area can easily restore the body and spirit.
Perfumes decided sage, thyme, rosemary, juniper, myrtle, cypress pampering resinous, aromatic herbs of pasture permeate the intense air of these hills and often accompanying the recipes of traditional dishes of wild boar, or the tasty "boundary Siena, "the black pig who lives and runs freely only in the wild.
Truffles and pecorino cheese, delicious both fresh and seasoned flavor enhanced with honey or fruit, the excellent wines of the Terre di Siena knows perfectly complement a banquet before many sweets, fresh or dried, the famous "gingerbread" first.
Every street, even the most isolated and little known, offers a surprise at every turn of a wonderful new show, the picture of a postcard, and these "pictures" then taking one after the other with the eyes, come in ' soul, becomes a beautiful film that is projected each time in the mind, eyes closed, indelible memory.
Inevitable reflection arises then, tempting and sweet because I could not live too 'I am here, my house is surrounded, as in a cradle by soft hills streaked with vineyards, the horizon "certain" limited by their heat profile, not with the anguish of infinite boundless plains where the wind sweeps it away without any obstacles, I feel the spirit serene smile in peace, away the anxieties that only here and now I see as useless, to live a new life simply immersed in the "beauty", totally, nature and art, not chance, right here, these lands, in Tuscany, this has given birth to beautiful masterpieces in the past centuries. And surely he sees today, for the art at all times was "contemporary" and is therefore even today: the decades, centuries old masterpieces have been able to select up to us, for us. Similarly the next few centuries give value to the works of today, bringing out to posterity the most outstanding images that will become of "our" story: Arts and Crafts, the same etymology, synonyms of beauty, of taste, of harmony, grace, but also ingenuity, creativity and flashes of light, fantasy gratification and pride of man and his land, this special and unique.